Monday, July 19, 2010

Overview on using iPhone iOS 4

iOS4 continues Apple's legendary iPhone user experience. While the iPhone 4 has gained a lot of attention for its hardware, both good and bad, the operating system is pure refinement. This is good news for those hanging onto their iPhone 3GS,  iOS4 is also available for these older devices. Whether taking the plunge on a new iPhone 4 or sticking it out with last year's model, there is new finger tip functionality waiting to be explored.

Here is a spotlight on some key new features


In the past, users had to jailbreak an iPhone to gain the personal touch a wallpaper can provide. Wall papers are straight forward but come with choices for the desktop, lock screen, or both. What is on the desktop and what shows up when the phone is locked can be different and add to one's own style.


 Ever since the iPhone's debut, Multitasking has been the one feature users have clamored for most. After launching several apps, double tapping the home button will bring up the fast tasking switching dock bar. Switching between apps is as simple as tapping a familiar icon. To shut an app completely down, hold its icon on the dock bar until it shakes. Then tap on the minus emblem appearing over the app. In addition, sliding to the left will bring up controls for media and an icon that allows locking screen orientation.


It is now possible to create folders. Hold an app until it shakes. Simply moving the app on top of another will automatically create a folder with both apps inside. The OS will suggest a name, like games but it can be changed if desired.  Moving an app out of a folder is the same process, hold it until the app shakes and then move it back to the desktop.


Email has gotten a welcomed overhaul as well. A unified inbox makes it convenient to check email on multiple accounts all on one screen. Threads condense emails with reply histories, saving space and help keep conversation in context. For those who need it, it can now handle multiple Exchange accounts making it more desirable in the work place.


There are tons of little differences inside iOS4. Spellchecking to go along with auto complete, search inside text messages, geolocation, just to name a few. Apple has kept its slick and intuitive nature. Users will be able to jump right in and take advantage of what iOS4 has to offer.

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